Default Gateway is a Default gateway for Comcast Xfinity routers. Although it is not so popular as the IP for example, it is still widely used in business systems. This IP is belongs to the Class A IP range according to IANA.

What is the difference between a Public and Private IP?

  • Allocated to every computer connected to the internet by the computer ISP
  • It is used to communicate outside the network.
  • To find your Public IP search for “what is my IP” on Google
  • Example:
  • Private IP addresses are assigned by your router to all computers and devices connected to it on a private network
  • It is used to communicate within the network.
  • To find your private IP use the “ipconfig” command in Command Prompt
  • Example: and Comcast Xfinity Router login

The next few steps will let you login to your router using the default IP In case something goes wrong, please refer to our FAQ section below.

To access the Comcast Xfinity router settings you need to know the default IP, username and password. Most often this IP will be, but depending on the router model it may be or

  1. Connect to your network. You will be able to login to your router only if you connect to your network first. You can either use a network cable if you are logging in from a desktop PC or laptop, or using the wireless connection if you want to login using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Enter the Default gateway into the browser’s URL bar or click the button below.
  3. When asked, enter the default Xfinity router username and password.
  4. Now you can modify your router settings. login FAQ

When you try to login to your router, sometimes you may encounter some problems which will prevent you from logging in. Let’s see what these are and how to fix them.

What are the default Xfinity router username and password?

If you are using a Comcast Xfinity wireless router, the default username is usually “admin” and the default password is “password”.

How can I find my Xfinity wireless password? won’t open the login window

“The server at is taking too login to respond”

Can I use my own router with Xfinity internet?