In order to access your router settings type into your browser’s URL bar or click the button below:

What is is a private Class C IP address. It is also used as a default IP address (default gateway) for routers produced by some of the major wireless router bands.

Default IP means that you can use this IP to login to the router settings or Web GUI (admin console) and configure the router settings. It plays a key role in the security of a wireless network because all the security steps you can take can’t be applied if you don’t login to the router first. and Router Login

There are several router brands that use this IP as a default IP for their routers. The following router login steps are the same for all wireless routers using as a default IP.

STEP 1: Launch your browser and type in the URL bar.

If the login window shows up continue to STEP 2. If not, check whether you have typed the IP correctly. Some of the most common typing errors are www. or 192.168.l.254

STEP 2: Enter the router username and password

The router username and password can be found in the user’s manual or on a label on the router. It is highly recommended to change these default login details the first time you login to your router.

Most common usernames are: admin or user

Most common password are: password or admin or the router’s serial number.

STEP 3: Access the router settings

If the router IP, username and password are correct the router’s administrative console will appear. If not, check the most common login problems and how to fix them.

The most common router login problems and how to fix them